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Heger technology

High-quality products, consistent technical improvements and innovations: Heger diamond tools guarantee improved results by high performance and a long lifetime.

Range of application

  Building construction

  Road construction

  Concrete demolition


  Reconstruction and decontamination

  Stone processing

  Refractory and industrial applications

Heger Laser Tech

Heger Laser Tech

  • Production on the latest laser welding machines
  • High-strength connection between the body and segment
  • Optimal protection against segment loss
  • High-precise positioning of the segment on the body
Heger Titan Xcore

Heger Titan Xcore

  • Fast and low-vibration drilling
  • Laser-welded up to Ø 300 mm - safest technology
  • Finishing according EN13236 and oSa
  • Use of best diamonds and tubes for reliable and constant drilling
  • New binding for a good performance and drilling speed
Heger Titan Xflow

Heger Titan Xflow

  • Segments in special dot shape for higher forward speed and less side friction
  • Laser welded up to Ø 1200mm safest technology
  • Finishing according to EN 13236 and oSa
  • Use of best diamonds and tubes for reliable and constant cutting
  • Sandwich segment - full use up to the end
  • Laser cut rotation arrow - always the correct direction of rotation