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Associations and memberships

Heger Excellent diamond tools offer an innovative range of Diamond Blades and Cores, all manufactured to ISO, FEPA and DSA international standards. We have developed a strong reputation for the supply of superior quality diamond blades to commercial and industrial sectors worldwide.

Heger at IACDS

IACDS - International Association of Concrete Drillers and Sawers

The International Association of Concrete Drillers & Sawers, IACDS, is the organization representing the associations, companies and professionals of the concrete drilling and sawing industry around the globe. The IACDS has a strong focus on providing an international union with the cooperation of trade Associations.

SEAM 2020

SEAM - Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturers

Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturers (SEAM) commit to coninually improve ther environmental, labor and porduction processes. TheSEAM program guarantees that SEAM members, all from within the abrasive supply chain, manufacture, process, supply, distribute abrasives according to the sustainability standards with regards to environmental efficiency (waste, energy, resource), health and safety, quality and innovative production processes.

Vision and objective

To strengthen the position of European manufacturers in the world by establishing a sustainability standard with regards to environmental efficiency (waste, energy, resource), health and safety quality and innovative production processes. The program’s objective is to give a path to the abrasive manufacturers and players in the supply value chain towards a more sustainable production, supply and distribution systems.

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IGGA International Grooving & Grinding Association

IGGA - International Grooving & Grinding Association

The International Grooving & Grinding Association (IGGA) is the sole representative of the grooving, grinding and CPP/CPR industry. From specification and policy development to marketing and promotion, we cover the entire spectrum of issues germane to companies involved in this marketplace.

The IGGA is a non-profit trade association founded in 1972 with a stated mission of serving as the leading promotional and technical resource for acceptance and proper use of diamond grinding and grooving as well as CPP/CPR. In 1995, the IGGA joined in affiliation with the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) to represent its newly formed Concrete Pavement Restoration Division. Renamed in 2012 as The IGGA/ACPA Concrete Pavement Preservation Partnership (IGGA/ACPA CP3), it now serves as the technical resource and industry representative in the development and marketing of optimized pavement surfaces, concrete pavement restoration and pavement preservation around the world.

oSa The Organization for the Safety of Abrasives

oSa - Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives

Leading international manufacturers of grinding tools have united to document the high-standard of their products for the protection of the operator of diamond tools.

Heger Gmbh Excellent Diamond Tools is oSa-founder member.

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FEPA Federation of Eurpean Producers of Abrasives

FEPA Federation of European Producers of Abrasives

European umbrella organisation of the abrasives industrie. Heger is involved responsibly with the revision of relevant European norms and matters of product security and application security.

FEPA Abrasives Safety

Abrasives Safety, a FEPA website dedicated in the safety of DIY and professional end-users, represent the work of over 70 experts in providing safety recommendations for the use of abrasives products. To avoid serious accidents by operator error in handling, storing, mounting or use of the wheel, trains the public by providing a safety kit in compliance with European standards and regulations:

VDS Verband Deutscher Schleifmittelwerke

VDS Verband Deutscher Schleifmittelwerke

The majority of German producers of abrasives are medium-sized, rich in tradition companies with very qualified staff. VDS - being the responsible Federation of Germany - informs comprehensively about standard specification, principles and field of application.

Fachverband Betonbohren und -sägen

Fachverband Betonbohren und -sägen Deutschland e.V.

Having more than 700 members, the trade association "Fachverband Betonbohren und -sägen e.V." is the largest employer association worldwide of this branch. This trade association sticks up for primary and continuing education, promotion of technical innovation and the constitution and communication of national and international standards.

DAS The drilling and sawing association

DSA The drilling and sawing association

Committed to improving standards within the industry by establishing better codes of safe working practice, education and training.